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OSTST and IDS 2018

OSTST (27-28 September 2018) and IDS (24-26 September 2018) meetings, Ponta Delgada, Saõ Miguel Island, Azores Archipelago, Portugal

The annual meeting of the Ocean Surface Topography Science Team (OSTST), will be held in the second part of the "25 Years of Progress in Radar Altimetry" Symposium and will address specific issues on the TOPEX/Poseidon-Jason series of missions, including algorithm and model improvement, Cal/Val activities, merging with other altimetric satellites (CryoSat-2, SARAL/AltiKa, HY-2, Sentinel-3), and preparation for the Sentinel-6/Jason-CS and SWOT missions.

Because of the obvious relationship with the Symposium, it is proposed that the purely science presentations of the OSTST PIs and Co-Is be given in the Symposium. This will leave more time during OSTST for specific splinters, technical presentations, including a poster session.

The International Doris Service (IDS) workshop (1.5 days) will take place in parallel to the "25 Years of Progress in Radar Altimetry" Symposium and start after the Monday morning plenary session.

Abstracts submission for the OSTST and IDS meetings will open March 30 2018 through this interface and will end May 14 (midnight UTC). The abstract submission is ended since May 28

The program of the OSTST can be downloaded here or viewed online.

The program of the IDS can be downloaded here or viewed online.

For OSTST, splinters descriptions can be found here.